Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I have reached a decision!

So after spending a couple of days sewing on my mil machine, I decided to keep mine, I love mine, know how to use it, and it is easier for me! So the other one is boxed back up and put away for a special person for xmas

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Looky Looky What the MIL Brought Me!!

A while ago my mother in law gave me her sewing machine cabinet, well, today she brought down the original Sewing machine that went in it for me. It is I believe a 1972 Singer Touch and Sew II deluxe zig zag machine model 775. with all the accessories. So my 10 year old is going to use my other machine.

Special Delivery!!!

Yay for me my fabric that I have been patiently waiting the arrival of has arrived from its long journey from Japan. Thanks Isabel!! I love all of it. I cannot wait to make things with it, check it out, I will have some bags and things being made, if they come out well, some will get listed in my Etsy shop, of course I want some of it also, the fabric is so beautiful!! Don't you all agree??? Love the sheep! And check out the rabbits!! The single pics of fabric are prequilted!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Reorganized Sewing Nook

So yesterday my husband let me add a new piece of furniture to my sewing nook. I had a lot of fun reorganizing when the baby allowed me too. I am expecting some fabric quilt squares this week and want it to be ready for when they arrive so I can jump in. I added a solid wood pine 7 drawer dresser. I absolutely love it! So, I cleaned out my sewing cabinet that was given to me by my mil, and put all my notions and things in the dresser. I then went through my sad little stash and put that into my cabinet and eliminated an old ugly plastic bin. I still have one there though for my scraps. So I am so excited I just wanted to share it with you all!! Oh, btw, I have a box of fabric coming in the next couple of weeks from my friend in Japan, I know what i will make with it now, a quilt. I cannot wait!! Here are two pics of the new area. Doesn't it look nice???
This is a before picture:
Below is my sewing machine, it is nice, I LOVE it!! Oh, you quilting ladies, I found a walking foot on Ebay for $13.00 that will fit this, so in a week or so, I will buy it!
Here is the after picture, doesn't it look nicer and cleaner.
Like the 7 drawer dresser?? this is the cleaned after picture!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First Etsy Sale!!!!


Been Busy.....

So, in the knitting community everyone has heard of the Central Park Hoodie, well I have started to make one for myself and can I say that I am in LOVE!!!!! This sweater is beautiful, and I chose my fave yarn Naturally Naturelle its an Aran 10 ply. I hope that it does not take me too long to finish because I am dying to wear it!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wow, inspiring, maybe I could someday be that good.......

Check out this lovely talented woman, I hope that I can learn how to do that!! Such beautiful Quilts!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Creative Thinking

I have been doing some creative thinking, I have so many ideas, but I am not a designer, so therefore not sure how to make what I want. I can see it clear as day, but designing and making it will be tricky, hmmm...... Well, tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully I can work on my idea. I will keep you all updated on whether or not it is even doable, wish me luck!! (today's a better day, more positive thoughts running through my head.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sew Craft Blog

Yesterday, while I was browsing, I came across this Sew Craft Blog and decided to join! It looks like a lot of fun, and a chance to meet some new people. So what are you waiting for, get over there and check it out!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Such Beautiful Craftswomanship!!!

I came across this blog this morning and wow, is she talented! I wish I would win, as I do not own one single quilt. I want to learn but it seems so difficult. So I decided to do a post to increase my chances for one of her beautiful quilts. I never win any of the contests I enter, but maybe this time will be different. So, what are you waiting for, get on over there and check it out!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some Craftyness.......

I just wanted to let you guys know (if there is anyone who reads this) that I have been busy crafting, and will slowly be adding items to my Etsy store. Just click the link in the side bar of this blog. Thank you