Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yucky Day!

It is raining out today, and is supposed to for a few days. I just ordered a pattern from annypurls for her buddy bags! I am so excited. I have lots of kids to knit these for, my husband has a very large family so this will be the perfect baby shower gift from me, thanks Anny!!! My little boy will be two on Monday the 23rd. We have planned him a Cars party. I am taking him shopping for tools at Toys R Us on Sunday. (The girls will spend some quality time with their father, he still is very attached to me, so if I want to enjoy myself he needs to come with me, no big deal though.) Then on Wednesday the 25th is our ultrasound. My hasn't these past few weeks gone by so slow. I am thinking its a boy, but I do not know for sure. Soon enough though. I have been feeling the baby move for a few weeks now, wow, it's wierd. I never felt any of my others this early so that is very strange. This is going to be our last, I already have the paperwork in order to get fixed at the hospital. Well off shopping looking for yarn to try out my new pattern. Have a good day! Oh I almost forgot, I ordered my copy of the last Harry Potter book. It is supposed to be delivered to my door on Saturday or right around then, I cannot wait!!! Time for a good read :)

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