Monday, December 3, 2007


Waking up this morning to all the pretty white stuff was nice. I love the snow. Especially if I do not have to venture out into it. One stinky thing is no school. Another crazy day home with the kids. Lately has been pretty stressful. Contractions for three days, nothing amounting to anything yet, my husband has been working double and every day. So I was looking forward to school today, but no such luck. The local news said it might snow until Wednesday. Much knitting to do, my big stress relief. I cannot take a picture right now because the camera is en route from Florida. I cannot wait for it to come though. I cannot believe that by the end of next week I should have a newborn son in my arms. You would think that being the fourth I would be ready but I am getting a little nervous. This is going to be our last though. I finished the front of the Peace Baby Sweater
by annypurls yesterday and started the back. I am making good progress. I want to finish it for Christmas for Ephrem. He is all that I need to make a handmade gift for. I will post pics when my new camera shows up in the mail. Well, I am itching to go knit some more. Until next time, stay safe and warm!

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