Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Countdown is On!

It is officially getting down to crunch time, we have two weeks left, OMG! The clothes are washed, bags packed and loaded, bassinet cleaned and ready for our little Ephrem to join us in this big world. Things around here have been stressful. (Kids being naughty, christmas, etc.) I have finished Simon's Elmo Buddy Bag, and the girls Knitted Babes, I just need to do finishing touches. My mom is supposed to send me her Vivitar Dig. Camera today so hopefully that will come soon, so we can have when the baby is born but also so I can take pics of the handmade xmas gifts.
My husband got his first deer ever last Saturday on the last day of hunting season here. It weighted in at 188 lbs. An 8 point buck. I will post pics when I get them available. The meat is with the butcher and the head is with the taxidermist. (That will look nice on our brand spanking new living room walls next winter.
Well, my two and a half year old is still sleeping so I will go for now and work on Ephrem's sweater that I am making him for christmas. If I do not get to post for a while, wish me luck with the delivery.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Joys of Halloween

Well, we took the children trick o treating last night. they had a blast! I did not do costumes here because it is so cold on Halloween. So they were pajama clowns! I bought some make up and painted their faces and put them into warm pajamas. We went to two different neighborhoods and got way too much candy. My husband actually took them, in one neighborhood I followed in a vehicle and then the other neighborhood I stayed at a friends house while she nursed her newborn son. It was very relaxing. My pregnant body would not have been able to endure hours of trick o treating and walking. I also had a appointment yesterday. The baby is doing good. I did not gain any new weight which is wierd. Well, that is all for now. Have a good day! Also, I forgot, I started the apple hat two days ago and finished it this morning.