Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here it Is!

So remember that pretty material that Isabelle sent me from Japan? Well, here is the bag that I made with it. I absolutely LOVE it. Let me know what you think, please?!
There are a couple of different shots, one is of the front outside, with the polkadot pocket,

then the inside with my sock yarn and Knitting Rules! Book also is lined in polkadots,

the outside back is the sheep material. It is very sturdy and I think I made it well. It has been great using it out with the kids running errands and paying bills.
The final picture is of my husband and my 2 1/2 year old son. It is the first nice picture of my husband that I have been able to take in a long time. So I wanted to post it here.

Have a great day Everyone!!


MiddletreeMade said...

I LOVE the purse! That sheep fabric is adorable!! Nice job!

jaclynbailey said...

I love the purse! I really need to learn to sew bags. You know... Your husband looks like Mike Rowe in that picture. (the guy from Dirty Jobs on the discovery channel.)