Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sorry it's taken me a couple of days, I got a couple of pictures, not all yet, I need to take more but the other day I received a package from Isabel and here are a couple of pics of her yarn destash that she so kindly sent my way all the way from Japan!! I will take care of it, now to find the perfect patterns for it. If anyone has an idea for my first lace project, could you please let me know??? I have not done lace yet, but want to and the mohair she send should let me do something. Any easy lace projects for beginners?? Have a great day, I will post more pics when I can. Thank You Isabel!! This above pic is Knitpicks Palette, and below is the laceweight mohair!!
I believe this is the Silk Garden that she sent (I am not sure, never seen it!!)
Some Knitpicks Essential
And some pretty wool/acrylic blend for a sweater!!

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Dana Reale said...

Oooh I'm jealous, beautiful yarn!

For your first lace, what about a Wisp ( It's so easy it's almost not lace. :) If that is too repetitive/easy, perhaps Ice Queen ( Either would be wonderful in mohair!