Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Such Beautiful Craftswomanship!!!

I came across this blog this morning and wow, is she talented! I wish I would win, as I do not own one single quilt. I want to learn but it seems so difficult. So I decided to do a post to increase my chances for one of her beautiful quilts. I never win any of the contests I enter, but maybe this time will be different. So, what are you waiting for, get on over there and check it out!!!!!


Lory said...


I'm Lory and I found your blog through the sew craft blog, we're in the same group. :):):) I wanted to drop by and introduce myself.

Yeah, that's a gorgeous quilt. If anything, I'd want the pattern so I can make one for a family member. I know she'd love it.

You should give quilting a try. I've been quilting for a little over a year, it's so soothing, I love it. I really like to take my time with things, so most projects take me a while to complete. I guess I'm a bit picky with my work, lol.

But do give it a try, it's totally worth it. There are plenty of resources online that you can find free patterns and stuff. You can start off with easy quilt blocks and small projects. I've come to learn you can quilt just about anything. You can even make small quilted coasters, and that's a small project that you can finish quickly. It'll give you the chance to build your confidence and your skill. Once you start, you'll love it like I do. :):):):)


Fiona said...

Hi Stacey
I am also in Group 2. Lory is so fast! Just wanted to say hi. I will add your link to my blog tonight and will come back and read more of yours soon.

Isabel said...

Wow that quilt makes me want to have a decorated apartment in a 'English Rose' style to match! Right now my apartment is decorated by total accident with no real ornament except a quilt by my SIL.