Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My NEW Craft Space

Well, yesterday was a busy day for me! I rearranged my childrens bedrooms and placed my daughter Camille in with my son Simon, moved Ephrem into my bedroom and moved Abigail into Camille's old room. The reason why? well two weeks ago we had the start of a chimney fire (we shut down the stove and it went out) but it started in what used to be Abby's room. We decided that if there were ever to be another (God hope there will not) we did not want her in the same room as the chimney. SO, in so created a mini craft/sewing room for me. Now this was my sewing nook in my bedroom. And here are some pictures of my new room. It is not complete as my wonderful husband is building me a drop down cutting table right next to my sewing cabinet! (so I can do it right~his words!) One of the many reasons why I love him so! So now today I can start my first quilt that I am doing a sew along with my good friend!

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Sarah said...

fires are scary! My family just played that game... Everyone was fine, but there was some shuffling and remodeling for sure... Hope the room swap works out well for the kids!