Friday, March 27, 2009

Fabric, WIP, Blueprints!!

So first are the drawings of our new house that we are going to be building later this year!! See the room on the top right hand side?? yep, dh is making that my sewing room, with a four foot wall overlooking the house, so while I am working, I can see what my monsters are doing, without them getting into my sewing space!! Next are some quilt squares in the works, I have the remaining squares ready to be pieced together!!

These final three pictures are of newly acquired fat quarters that I bought on sale, there is also one more, the yellowish gold color in these, I have a pretty one to match, it just took a crappy pictures so I decided not to post it!! I love these, and I wish I could just stare at them all day. The navy japanese writing fabric I would love to make one of these when the pattern becomes available. Have a nice day!!! (just found said pattern, now I need to buy one, anyone have one for sale???)


Lory said...

That's going to be a nice house judging by the floorplan. Wow.

I've been into the brown/blue combo lately, so those quilt squares strike my fancy. They're very pretty. And the asian fabrics are cute too, especially the middle one. It's got a world of possibilities for embellishment. Fun times!


Natasha said...

Very exciting to build you own house!

Isabel said...

How cool that your husband can build you a house! You can choose all kinds of things... that is so awesome!

Mee a Bee said...

Very very good idea that wall. I call my kids monsters too and boy do they get into everything! DON'T TOUCH THE SEWING is said with gritted teeth several times a week :)