Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some Photos

It snowed here the other day, and here are a few pictures of it. I love the snow, as long as i am in the house and not driving out in it. (pretty much if i am warm and indoors, let it snow!!)
My laying hens, they are quite small compared to our meat birds. We are going to be building their laying house soon!!
My meat birds, nice and fat, going to get ready to go in my freezer for the winter pretty soon here, i cannot wait, they are quite mean!!
The sunset at my house the other night, it was so pretty!!
The sunset the other night, playing with my camera.
Here is a very late Halloween photo. We had a Telletubbie, Spiderman, Soccer Player, and a Princess. We did not go out trick or treating, just to Auntie's house.
Here is the label i put on a baby blanket that i am gifting away today to an old friend, it is baby #4, another boy. I have been wanting to make this pattern, and i love how it turned out!!
The back is a green flannel. nice and snuggly
This is the top of Parker's quilt. I am so in love with how it turned out!!

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Isabel said...

Beautiful quilt! I can't believe you have snow.