Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Voting Time!!!

Contest here

when you click this link above, then you click vote when the page loads. i then click view gallery in the top left of the page, then click from the drop down menu jump to 21-25, click page 22 and it is the third one down on the left. click vote and save your vote!! and that is all she wrote
I was just let know that my entry is number 131. There are only 15 quilts moving on to the next round!!!

This is the most important thing I have ever done, I am hoping to win the sewing machine (mine is an old Singer Sewing Machine I bought at Walmart over 10 years ago, and she now gets real hot and smells funny when I sew.) , as it is amazing, and honestly, I will never own one unless something like this happens. The added bonus of the pattern getting published is pretty amazing also, but for me, is trying to win the machine. I normally do not ask people for help like this, but this is important!! I really appreciate your time, and I believe you can go back each day and vote again, so if you do, I will forever be in your debt!!! Thank you all~really!!! THANK YOU

If you go and vote, come back and let me know, maybe I will put together something special for one of the people who votes and comes back to let me know. Not a giveaway, but a special gift, from me to you!!!
I really do appreciate this, you do not know how important this is for me!!!


Barb said...

Good luck, I voted for you!

Barb said...

Very nice quilt! Voted and hope you win the machine.

carmel said...

i voted!
good luck!

sarah said...

done. i am crossing my fingers for you.

thanks also for the entry in to mee a bee's giveaway. come back and check out elizabeth's world and enter to win her giveaway. please help me spread the word.