Friday, March 26, 2010

My New Bookmark

So, I have some awesome Japanese embroidery books that I seriously want to make one of everything out of. I am really new to embroidery, not much experience under my belt. I have some yummy Cosmo thread, but I do not dare to use it yet, as I might waste it. So I just completed this bookmark for myself, using pictures from a few of my Japanese embroidery books, and my yucky DMC floss (I am really not liking it getting bunched and knotted and having issues with trying to get it unstuck, is the embroidery floss brand Anchor any better? My LQS carries that, but I have yet to try it, if any of you have any insight, please do let me know, or you can tell me to just buy more Cosmo, I hear that stuff is dreamy!!!) Well, I love this bookmark, and am already using it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am so proud!!

Lately I have been working on some good stuff for my husband, and by good I mean, a business website. I have never done that, but with a little help from my Adobe Dreamweaver, and a super awesome tutorial online, I have managed to finish designing his website, and it is finally live, check it out and show me some love!!! Thanks!!

Kitchen Art of Maine

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some Bee Inspired Blocks Finished

So I am down to the last block to complete for our Bee Inspired virtual quilting bee. Once I receive the fabric in the mail I will complete it and send it back. I am still waiting on the arrival of some blocks of mine, I cannot wait to get them back, then I can make my Christmas Heirloom quilt!!!
January's block was for Natalie, and she requested small houses.

February's blocks were for Deb who wanted squares,
and for Lynn who wanted two spiderweb blocks. I rather enjoyed myself very much on the spiderman blocks, so much that I am planning on making a quilt for my brothers this year with this pattern. (They are younger than me, aged 9 and 7). And kinda at that in between age, so I think this will be perfect for them.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And the Winner Is~

Sorry about posting the winner's late, we have a nasty flu bug going around the house, first the kiddos, then I came down with it yesterday (I could not even move!!), and today the husband has it!! Anyways, thanks for coming by, and for the moment you have all been waiting for, the winners, yes, I drew two names because of the delay in revealing the winners.

Mary and Leslie are the lucky winners!!

Thanks for coming, and please check back I am working on new patterns also.