Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exciting News!

The other day I went to my local Jo-Ann Fabric store and saw this magazine on the shelf. To be honest, I wanted to ........anyways, I was really really excited! I mean, this is the first time I have seen one of my projects out in the real world, I mean, yeah, I have copies of the magazine, but those came in the mail, so this was my first in person so to speak experience! I just wanted to tell everyone that I was in there. But I didn't. Just paid for my purchase and left. But I was super excited!

Also, I just wanted to remind you that I have some items listed for sale in my shop, I plan to add some more things soon also. Check it out! Thanks for stopping by!

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Jen Bagley said...

This is so awesome Stacey. I did not know about this blog until I looked at my blog stats and saw your site. thank you and i will also post your site on my blog.
Jennifer B.