Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happenings around here right now.....

Hey Guys!  Sorry it's kinda been crazy and non existent around here lately.  We have been trying to buy a house for about 8 months now, have been under contract for two separate houses now, and for various reasons I will not name they both fell through.  We are under contract with our third house, and it is our dream house (more on that in a few), and this process for this house has been a nightmare also.  Who knew trying to buy a house would be so frustrating and demanding?  It seems like one thing after another again with this place, but for the price and what we are getting, it is THE ONE! 
As you know my husband and I have 4 kids, and have always rented, well, the house we are trying to buy is an old farmhouse, with plenty of space and bedrooms, and I even get my own sewing room :D  The house is not updated, but we can do that, it has a barn (that also needs some work), and an old milk shed, and another outbuilding, then you add on top of all that, 10 acres, where 3 are pastures and 7 are woods.  And we love to garden, and have wanted livestock for a good many years now, but have not lived where we could have them.
So, needless to say, we feel this is the one place for us to venture and start with the rest of our lives from here on out with.
So, again might be kinda sparse here for a bit, at one point, internet will be down, and I gotta finish packing up this house, then when we move I gotta clean, and unpack, and well you know the drill.

I would love to sell some items in my shop to help with the cost of things, and to have less to move, so if you know of anyone looking for some handmade items for Christmas presents, as you know it is fast approaching, send them to my shop, please???  you can find it here.

And please bear with me during the next few weeks, Thank You.


ohiomom said...

I hope all goes well. The farm sounds perfect and like somewhere my family would love also. Best wishes on your journey.

Lesley said...

Good luck!! You know I'll be here if you need to vent :)