Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here are some pics of the WIP

This bag is the result of my first exchange. I joined the International Tote Exchange III This year. I found this pattern from the Crochet Dude Blog. It came out so beautiful. I prefer to knit but if a crochet pattern catches my eye, then maybe I will try it. Below is a close up to see the colors better.

The pic to the left is my daughters sweater. She picked out the yarn herself. It is a real pretty pastel type green color. The progress is slow on the sweater. Quite frankly since I learned how to knit 4 years ago, I have done sweaters and blankets. I will finish it soon, but for now it is on hold.

This is my first sock that I have ever done. my news years resolution to myself was to learn how to do socks, and boy am I glad. This is awesome!!

Now this is a square from my lap blanket that I am making. The other five that I have completed are to the left. It was featured in the Family Circle Easy Knitting Magazine, I believe the Holiday 2004 Issue. I love the yarn, and it is beautiful. I cannot wait until I finish it.


Jane said...

Love your bag. And that lap blanket is just gorgeous! I have to dig out my copy of that magazine!

Jane said...

I'm further north - in Gouldsboro - about 50 miles east of Bangor and across the bay from Bar Harbor. I'm about 2 hours from Waterville.
Do you have any great yarn stores there?

luv2knit said...

One called Yardgoods, it is a great place to go. I could spend hours there, and $$$. So much beautiful yarn.