Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What a Day

What a day already. It is not even 9:30 in the a.m. My daughter is home sick from school and my son just woke up. I finished a bag that I knitted from a free pattern that I got at my LYS. I changed the pattern a bit. I made the strap wider and made the bag a messenger type bag instead of an open top. I like the idea of a flap over the top, especially with three children. I finished my first pair of socks and come to realize that I used the wrong size knitting needles. The lady at my LYS told me to use the size I did and then the socks are way to loose. they slide down, which is annoying. But it is too much work to redo them so they are great for bumming around the house in. Now I started a new pair with some german yarn I think that is what she told me, I cannot understand anything on the label. The yarn itself is very pretty, I love the colors. And I am using the correct needles. It is coming along nicely. Oh my god, the other day I started reading a novel by Julie Garwood, titled Slow Burn. What an awesome book I finished it within a day. Now I am regretting that, I do not have another book to read. However, this weekend I am going out for the day with a girlfriend and we are going to Borders Books. Yay, my favorite book store. Too bad we have to travel an hour to get there. But it will be worth it.
So last week my sewing machine started acting funny. My husband and I have been trying to figure out how to fix it. I paid good money for it about four years ago and have not used it all that much. We could not fix it so we called around for prices to have it looked at, one place was going to charge me $69.95 and the other $62.00. Oh my God, what a rip off. So the sewing machine mechanic told us that the problem had to do with the top tension dial. We brought the machine home and attempted to fix it one last time to avoid the big bills elsewhere. My husband removed the case of the machine and exposed the top tension area. what he found was the tension knob that you turn to adjust the level of tension was really loose and not tightened. He tightened it and we put the machine back together to try. What a smart man, I love my husband so very much. He fixed my machine and we avoided the $$$$. So I was able to finish the liner for my new knitted bag and I can use it this weekend when I go out for the day. I am so excited.
I sent my bag that I made for my partner for the ITE III and she recieved it. She let me know and said that she loved it. I really hope that she does. I am getting a little nervous, the deadline to send the totes is within the week and I have not heard from my partner who is making my bag in about a month. Hopefully the Angel Network with the exchange will step in if she stiffs me. I will post a pic of the completed bag later.

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