Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eight Years Ago.......................May 20, 2000

Eight years when I became Mrs. Shawn Carey
Above is our wedding day picture! We had a very simple outdoor wedding with our families. There was a live band and we had buffet style BBQ. Each guest was asked to bring a dish. It was such a nice casual day!
The photo above is a picture of our family the day of our wedding. Abby was about a year and a half old. She was dressed in her sailor dress. (My brother was in the Navy at the time!)
Here is the happy couple having their first dance. I would not change anything about that day, EVER!!!! The most perfect wedding in my eyes!
This year we spent time together as a family and ate a really good meal and watched two movies, simple but great!

Thank You Shawn for loving me and being the best friend I have always dreamed of!

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Wonder Woman said...

Happy belated anniversery!