Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another Bag, more Fabric, more bags to come!

Well, I finished my new knitting bag, it is the brown quilted bag with cream interior, oh and did I forget to mention the sheep on it??? I did not realize until now that I did not take a full picture, so I will do that soon. Until then I will add the pics I already taken.

I also have some cool green fabric that I am unsure of what to do with.
The other two pics are material for my daughters bags that I am making them for their birthdays this year. I am so excited! They like bags as much as I do. So it is very fun making for them also.

I am going to the Fiber Frolic this Saturday with my boys. I will make sure to post pics and stuff when I come home. Have a good week, I need to take care of my sick boys. Hopefully they will be feeling better by then.


MiddletreeMade said...

no, i'm not on ravelry, but since you mentioned it, I looked it up and requested an invite. Do you like it? Is it another blogging site?

luv2knit said...

Yes, I love it! When you get your invite, look me up luv2knitncrochet. No it is not another blogging site, but a knitting/crochet community! It is awesome.

MiddletreeMade said...

Yes, I do design them myself. thank you! My name is Heather, and nice to met you as well! :) I actually found you just by looking up other blogger users with similar interests to mine...otherwise, I'm not too sure how to go about networking with other bloggers...I haven't been much of a blogger till recently, so I have so much to learn! No kids at the moment, but happily married and looking forward to being a mom someday in the future...I bet your kids love your crafts!