Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sacrafices Moms Make

Well, during the last week of school almost two weeks ago, my youngest daughter came home from school with head lice. Now, all I know about it, is that is a pain in the a**, and you gotta get rid of it. Well, we treated her hair, we checked everybody else. We brought the bedding to the laundromat, we put all the stuffed animals in black bags for the next four weeks, and we cut her hair short to her chin, then we checked her hair every couple of days..........We treated her hair again, and checked everybody else..........waited a couple more days, they came back. After checking and treating and combing and treating and combing, they were still here. So we treated again, checked her sister, now they were in her hair (we found about a hundred nits when we combed through her hair when it was only 3/4" long. So, we had to do something drastic. We shaved their hair. Both my little beautiful girls have no hair anymore. So, what did mom do? (in case you are wondering, I do not have it.) But I did shave my hair also. Yes, the hair that was halfway down my back. Thank God I have a wonderful husband whom loves us dearly, Well, here goes, are we not a couple of beautiful ladies? I will show some before pictures, and then some after. I told them they are beautiful, and that hair is hair. It will grow back. So please, if you come across this, leave them a comment on how beautiful YOU think they are, I am going to show them. Thanks.



Lesley L. said...

Oh, you poor thing :( :(


I hope you get my letter today!!

Nay'Chelle said...

Yay moms!

Wonder Woman said...

wow! I commend you for doing that! But now you can offset the shaven head with some cute dresses and such, without looking too cutesy!
And your hair is straightish, so it'll grow back really quick!

Isabel said...

You are such a hero! Your girls look adorable and I think short hair really suits you. It must have been hard to cut it all off if it was so long, though. Now you can wear cute barrettes and soon you can try a lot of different styles! Short hair really brings out your features, I think it looks great. And for summer your girls will really beat the heat. They look like fairy pixies!

MiddletreeMade said...

You girls are so BRAVE! Nice job! Sometimes I wish I could shave my head so that I wouldn't be so hot in the summer! Won't it be fun to tell your friends that you got to shave your head one summer!? You all look great!