Sunday, June 14, 2009

block, and my class project!!

i figured i would put an updated pic of my kids, simon is in the yellow shirt, he is 3, abby is 10, ephrem is 18 mos, and camille just turned 7. these guys are my world!!!! they are what i live for, along with their father!! so i hope you do not mind me sharing my joy!! now onto quilting info and pics!!

The first picture, the star is my june month block for donna in my bee inspired group, love love love that block pattern!! the next two pictures are the result of my quilting class that i took saturday all by myself, no kids!! it is a peek a view block, and we colored the butterflies!! Love that also!!! So, what do ya guys think??


Margo in Maine said...

Beautiful Work...I am looking at the Maine's from Blogger list...Johnney Cash Walk the line...did you see the movie? Blessings

Beth said...

love them! how nice it must have been to take the class without havign kiddos around!

Sam said...

Beautiful blocks...the kids aren't bad either. :)

Allison said...

QUilting class with no kids...sign me up! Love your blocks, I've never thought about coloring the fabric like you did in the butterfly but its so cool! Thanks for stopping by! -Allison

Deanna said...

i just love both blocks!

you did an awesome jobs on your block for donna! she is going to love it!